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High-Tech Equipment and Latest Technology

High-Tech Equipment and Latest Technology

“ I had avoided going to the dentist for a number of years and was quite worried about the results of my exam. All of the digital technology allowed me to visualize and easily understand my treatment needs, which really reduced my anxiety about the whole process” – Ken Zierler

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Dentrix® Practice Management Software

Empowers dental offices to accomplish more each day, including imaging, patient education, computer-based training, record keeping, and other software designed to enhance the practice.

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Intra-oral Cameras

The old adage is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and that is why intra-oral photos provide the means to not only describe any changes occurring in a patient’s mouth, but also show what is happening and why.

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Laser Cavity Detection

All hygiene rooms are equipped with KaVo’s DIAGNOdent cavity detection system, which aids in the detection of cavities at the earliest possible stage.

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The State-of-the-Art Dental Group

Granite Dental Group has paid unparalleled attention to your safety. We have a latex and harmful chemical-free office. All instruments are heat sterilized and each run is spore tested to insure complete sterility.

Your medical safety is assured through the use of pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring where appropriate. We also have an AED on site and Dr. Pasternack is advanced cardiac-support certified.

Advanced diagnostic technology Any x-rays we take are state-of-the-art digital which provides a much more precise diagnosis at one fifth the radiation exposure of most traditional x-rays. High quality photographic images are obtained through special intra-oral cameras and digital photography. We also employ laser detection of small cavities.

Treatment All materials, supplies and lab work are the finest products on the market today. Our dental lab is one of the most sophisticated laboratories in the United States.

Of course without the proper training none of this really matters. Dr. Knauss and Dr. Pasternack typically enroll in four times the amount of annual training required to maintain their licensure.